What We Offer

KBM Kids is a home away from home where a child is engaged meaningfully, developing skills with joy, while enhancing different abilities in children. KBM Kids offers personal care and attention to children between 6+months to 5 years.



Taking care of kids from 6+ months with Home care.



Concentrating to enhance Kids knowledge via Fun and Play.



Concentrating to develop Kids Understanding and Writing.



Concentrating to display Kids Potential via many Activities.


Why KBM Kids

KBM Kids, the leading Kids School in Trivandrum since 1995, operates over for 28 years in Trivandrum City, capturing the minds of Small kids and their Parents. KBM Kids offers a unique and method approach, which includes today's modern education with our own Social and Traditional values. As the Top Play School in Trivandrum we provide and cater the best possible care and basic knowledge for each and every kid in a safe and nurturing environment.

What Kids Learn


Day care 6 months +

Day Care kids are taken care of in an environment which is tailored to be felt as a home extension for kids. Your search for the safe day care Centre near you ends with KBM Kids. We are well aware of this challenge and therefore we have made adequate provisions for kids to feel at home even from their first day in school. We take them through a gradual process of training by creating awareness and time for recess.


Pre-Kg 3 Years +

In Pre-Kg we aim to teach kids how to interact and be social with one another using play – way methods. We prepare kids to develop imaginative skills in all the activities the children are exposed to perform. Activities at this stage include, identification of numbers and letters, correct usage of action words and vocabulary development among others.


LKG 4 Years +

Nursery for kids comes immediately after Pre-kg where the serious learning process of a kid begins. In KBM Kids children start proper writing, reading as well as understanding the basics of every aspects of life. The Montessori Trained Staffs engage kids with each other kid for caring, sharing, and understanding various prospects and ethics of life. Kids are regularly exposed to play and study activities that ensure an all-round education which cater values and knowledge for kids. Reading words and writing of letters of the English alphabet with phonics become very essential at this early stage.


UKG 5 Years +

Upper KG offers the kids the chance to display their potentials to the next level. They are exposed to wider vocabulary and can express themselves well. They are slowly introduced to simple addition and subtraction. The combinations of primary colors to form secondary colors are even taught with play – way methods. Teachers encourage them for the readiness to learn and question. At KBM Kids, the UKG program offers a "kind, gentle" approach for each kid who is ready to enter a full day formal school.

Our Specialties

Interchange home away from home and Montessori trained staffs


28 years of Trust & Experience


1000+ students trained


Extra-curricular activities


Home away from Home


Pre – Primary trained Staffs


Montessori Trained Staffs

What's New at
KBM Kids KBM Kids KBM Kids

As a well-known fact usually, kids do their most important learning before the age of five. Until this age, for every kid every morning is the dawn of another amazing adventure. Realizing this fact, our primary focus is not only on developing academic skills, but also, linguistic, intellectual, emotional, physical, social and moral skills that will ensure the over-all development of a kid.

Usually children are very active learners, who learn the best via interacting with nature, other kids and teachers in all child-centered activities. KBM Kids provides caring and trusting environment in which each and every kid can flourish as a soulful individual.

Our child-centered curriculum and philosophy helps all children to learn through play by exploring their surroundings and environment. To promote and stimulate a kid's learning, we provide opportunities for the kid to grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Love, care and affection are the known hallmarks of all these pursuits.


Get to Know us Better


Our Activities

In KBM Kids behind every kids activity we provide, there are underlying concepts of learning and understanding useful for a jumpstart. Kids also look forward to the fun activities we provide them on daily basis.


Our Teachers

In KBM Kids our teachers have proper Montessori training and Pre-Primary training with hands off experience in handling kids always with a source of love, morally upright. Our Teachers provide extra love and care for each and every kid.


Our Safety & Security

KBM Kids stand out as the Best Play School and Day care Centre in Trivandrum also for the ward's safety, security and health. At KBM Kids, we consider safety of the kids as a serious issue which should not be handled with levity. Even our Teachers and staffs are very careful in kids safety.


Our Facilities

KBM Kids provide proper and sophisticated infrastructural facilities that confirm to the requirements for preschools operating in the development and safety kids.


Our Curriculum

We run CBSE Curriculum that is based on play-based study, experiential learning developing the kids skills geared towards the building of virtues and potentials in children.


Values and Character Building

In KBM Kids we are very much conscious of the fact that children build their characters in early ages between 3 to 8 years, therefore, we encourage a good partnership with every parent to ensure that values and virtues are inculcated in KBM Kids.

Kids Development

Extra-Curricular Activities

Cultural Events Dance Music and Arts Yoga Practice Morning Exercise

Play Area at KBM Kids

Merry Go Round Kids Slide Horse Ride Cycle Ride Ball Pool Building Blocks
Animals Sand Play Outdoor Play area Kids Sports Puzzle Games Brainy Development Toys

Home School Partnership

We believe in the truth that the school needs full support from parents to achieve its goals and aspirations. We ensure to intimate all parents with proper reports on how their wards are fairing on regular basis. We hope to form a healthy partnership with parents in bringing up our kids to the desired level.












Our Goal

To instill a love for learning and a positive self-image, To enrich each child's development and enhance social integration and high self-esteem- through our carefully designed programs and activities.


Our Objectives

To provide a loving, secure and peaceful home away home environment in which every child feels happy and valued. A place full of new and exciting things to learn and friends to meet. We value parental inputs and also maintain close communications with every kid's parent.


Our Philosophy

Being committed to nurture children into well-rounded individuals promoting the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development kids via stimulating settings, interactive play and developmentally appropriate learning materials.

KBM Kids, the leading Kids School in Trivandrum since 1995, operates over for 28 years in Trivandrum City, capturing the minds of Small kids and their Parents. KBM Kids offers a unique and method approach, which includes today's modern education with our own Social and Traditional values.

KBM Kids
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