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Take your Kid to Pre-School. Why..?

1. Parent-child relationships

Preschool programs help children learn healthy social behaviours, such as how to get along with other people or resolve disagreements. This can make your child’s relationship with you more harmonious.

2. Language development

Preschool can also help your pre-schooler develop language skills and expand their vocabulary, allowing them to express themselves more quickly in future communication. In addition, preschools often allow parents and teachers to work together so that children still have time with their families during the day.

3. Social skills

A preschool is a place where young students learn from older people, forming meaningful friendships and relationships throughout the school years. It is there that your preschooler will have the chance to socialise with other pre-schoolers, learn from them, play and practice skills. Your child will flourish in preschool with an exceptional preschool teacher who loves preschool and has a great deal of experience in young preschool children.

4. Stimulation

Going to preschool can be an exciting adventure for pre-schoolers, enjoying games and activities that stimulate their minds. In addition, “free” time they spend exploring safe environments while teachers encourage creativity.

5. Learning through play

At preschool, your child learns through play using early childhood development principles. Unlike traditional education systems, there are no grades or tests – nothing limits knowing only what’s necessary.

6. Adventure

A preschool is a place where your pre-schooler can explore for the first time without parents or other adults around just to have fun. These important life skills pre-schoolers acquire ​​will be useful once they start school and may need to travel alone on public transport, for example. 

7. Friends

Preschool naturally develops relationships between children by interacting with their peers. As explained earlier, learning through play plays an important role in preschool education.

8. Mental growth 

It helps develop pre-schoolers’ minds by talking about feelings, listening to different perspectives, exposure to new topics, etc. This mental growth from preschool helps pre-schoolers develop to their full potential.

9. Cognitive development

Preschool’s lessons on colours, numbers, shapes, and letters can be pre-schoolers’ first step into learning and developing problem-solving skills. Parents should understand that it is meant to prepare pre-schoolers for kindergarten.

10. The preschool environment

Preschools are an exciting, fun place where pre-schoolers get to run around, play, make new friends, sing songs, etc. It offers children an engaging environment while allowing them the freedom of doing activities independently.

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