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How to Stimulate Kid’s Brain Activity.?

1. Communicate with Them

Talk to your kids continuously. Label every action they are doing, right from standing up, sitting down, singing, cooking, etc. Mark every object they looking at like door, plate, stroller, shoes; feeling- like the wind, heat, cold; tasting- like sour, sweet, salty, etc. So, by the time they grow, they will have a good vocabulary, a good grasp of all the activities people do around.

2. Introduce Books, Storytelling And Narration

Books play a vital role in both brain development and language skills. They’re also the first step towards gross motor skill development (holding books, turning pages).

3. Ask Questions to Stimulate the Thinking Process

Introduced the books, Name the objects kids are seeing. Start describing them (shape, colour, use). Explain the environment in which they are found and constantly ask them questions..

4. Music-Dance-Physical Activity

Kids love music, So introduce them quite a few songs & rhymes. They will have a good ear for music because kids have been listening to it since childhood. Dance also becomes an excellent physical activity to channelize the never-ending energy of a kid, and singing & listening to songs becomes a great mental activity.

5. Building Event Memory, Associating Things & Situations

Kids these days use their smartphones very dexterously, and photos are their favourite part. Limited their total gadget time (phone, iPad, TV) to 30-45 minutes, make good use of the photos they see to build their event memory.

6. Age-Appropriate Toys, Art, and Craft

Use age-appropriate toys like building blocks, push & go toys, insert shapes in slots for gross motor skills development. Some simple paper-folding art, glueing stickers on papers, colouring can also help refine motor skills.

7. Logical Reasoning & Decision Making

Kids think logically, and we just have to encourage this to stimulate their brain activity and enhance their thinking process. Always try to reason things for kids (wherever possible).

8. The Most Important - Excellent Nutrition

Good food is a key to good development and a good mood as well. A healthy body nurtures a healthy mind

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